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Kumba Association of Ohio is a non-profit organization consisting of sons and daughters from Kumba, Meme Division of the Southwest Region of Cameroon, currently residing in Ohio, USA. We are mindful that we are individuals from all walks of life and conscious of the need to network and collaborate to undertake developmental projects in Kumba. 
Our goals:
1. To give back to the people of Kumba and the neighboring communities.

2. To identify the needs and undertake developmental projects that will benefit the people in Kumba. 

3. To foster a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood among people from Kumba, Cameroon living in Ohio. 

4. To serve as a social, moral, and professional support group for its members.
Kumba Association of Ohio is not organized for the private gain of any person but instead collected and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

About Us

Our Mission

At the Kumba Association of Ohio, we are working on a mission to significantly improve the quality of life for the people of Kumba and the neighboring cities.
Through charitable efforts, we hope to provide medical equipment, sustainable energy, education, and affordable Healthcare to the underserved population in Kumba and its surrounding environment.
We also hope to improve the living conditions in orphanages and train healthcare workers on adequately using and maintaining the equipment


Our Vision

Our organization forecasts bringing clean, sustainable, affordable energy and Healthcare to Kumba, Cameroon, West Africa.

With the provision of solar panels and medical equipment, we aim to generate power and ensure the continuous and proper functioning of
equipment that sustains fetal-maternal health.
We plan to send medical equipment such as incubators, ultrasounds, baby warmers, oxygen concentrators, and much more to help improve the quality of life and Healthcare in underserved communities and orphanages around

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